The Nourished Girls Project

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Meet The Nourished Girls Project (TNGP) Founders, Mother and Daughter Team Amy & Nylah

Founder, Amy Hudgens is a Wellness Champion for Moms & Pre-Teen/Teen Girls, a Board Certified Nutrition Consultant, Speaker, Author, Visionary and Mom. Over the past 11 years, Amy has empowered and supported hundreds of women on how to make nourishment simple. Amy works with moms of pre-teen/teen girls to educate and support their girls "changing everything" as it relates to puberty wellness. Amy loves making a difference for moms & girls globally by inspiring joy,  confidence, empowerment and overall wellness!

Nylah is the co-creator of the TNGP. In her infinite wisdom, Nylah believes that it only takes one person to change the world for the better. She is passionate about doing what she can to inspire other girls, like her to live their joy!

Photo Credit: Jeanie Wright

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"Your Path" a song by Nylah H

"Your Path" is an empowering anthem written by 11 year old Nylah. Nylah is the Co- Founder of The Nourished Girls Project . She believes anything is possible when you dream big and go for it! 
Her inspiration for writing this song was to inspire and empower girls globally to create their own path, follow their unique passions and help others lead the way. 
Lead and Backing vocals - Nylah H
Backing Vocals - Michela C
All other instrument performance, music production and engineering - Spencer Burrows

Empowerment For Girls 

*The Nourished Girls Project Academy 

TNGP Academy offers Empowerment Workshops for girls ages 9-14 globally. We gather virtually to connect, create, and collaborate on living your joy and knowing anything is possible when you dream big.

Our TNGP Academy Vision: To inspire and educate pre-teen/teen girls ages 9-14 all over the world to feel confident and empowered to pursue their passion and unique mission, therefore creating a positive ripple effect in the world!

Our TNGP Academy Mission:To create a connected, healthy, joyful, empowered and inspired community of girls that provides them with the tools, education and wellness support they need to be the world changers they were born to be

*The Dream Big Global Summer Camp

An empowering and engaging 2 day virtual experience. This event is offered every summer and designed to support, empower and inspire girls ages 9-14 to live their joy and be kindness activists to themselves and others. The girls will connect with other change makers who know that anything is possible when you DREAM BIG!

* Wellness Coaching & Puberty Wellness Workshops For Moms & Girls

Amy is a Wellness Champion for Moms & Girls. She is a Board Certified Nutritionist and specializes in puberty wellness . She educates, empowers and supports moms & pre-teen/teen girls with their "changing everything". 



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The Nourished Girls Project Global Partners

We have teamed with some of the worlds most committed organizations to support and empower girls and women. Together we are stronger!

(Photo Credit: Girl Up Initiative Uganda)

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Puberty & Perimenopause Wellness for Moms & Girls

I'm Your Wellness Champion 

Amy offers one on one consultations for moms and pre-teen/teen girls focusing on puberty & perimenopause education & wellness with their "changing everything". She also focuses on empowerment , simplicity, joy and making nourishment fun 

Nourishing Moms and Nourishing Girls!

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