The Nourished Girls Project with Amy and Nylah


The purpose of The Nourished Girls Project (TNGP) is to inspire and empower pre-teen/teen girls to live their joy, be confident kindness-activists and know that anything is possible when you dream big!   These girls are the leaders of our future! We intend to do everything we can to reach girls locally and globally, beginning with our card deck, academy and camps.

The Nourish Me card deck is designed to be a highly accessible, user-friendly, life-changing empowerment tool. 


It is a 52-card deck made by girls for girls. Each card contains artwork on both sides and an inspiring message focused on themes of: being joyful, loving themselves and uplifting others with kindness. 

These cards are designed to help girls develop greater confidence and self esteem, inspire their kindness, and to live their joy. As these girls learn how to cultivate an internal landscape infused with kindness, they’ll be more capable of being the leaders who catalyze kindness. By creating a daily practice of pulling a card, girls are supported in feeling empowered and inspired.

(Thank you to my husband Mike (and Nylahs's dad) who has been a huge support and cut the paper for each of our cards for the Nourish Me Card Deck!)


Founder- Amy Hudgens, is a Wellness Champion for Moms & Girls, Board Certified Nutrition Consultant, Author, Speaker, Educator, Visionary, and Mom.  Over the past 10 years, Amy has shown hundreds of women how to make nourishment simple for their families (and themselves). 

Amy has a  B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies from Sonoma State University. Amy also worked in women’s health for over a decade as a reproductive health specialist supporting and advocating for women’s and girls health care services. Amy also has a special interest in working with pre-teen/teen girls ( and their moms) by inspiring empowerment, joy and wellness


Amy is a lover of making people smile, being silly, fashion, spending time with family, baking, loves her red lipstick and wearing her big fun earrings!


A true visionary, Amy is pioneering The Nourished Girls Project with a vision to inspire and empower pre-teen/teen  girls to live their joy, dream big and be kindness activists: changing the world by learning how to be kind to themselves and others. Her main muse and inspiration is her 12-year old daughter, Nylah. 



Nylah is the Co-Founder of the TNGP. In her infinite wisdom, Nylah believes that it only takes one person to change the world for the better. She is passionate about doing what she can to inspire other girls, like her to live their joy!

Nylah speaks fluent French and is involved in the local theater. Amy and Nylah live with Mike (husband and father) in Northern California.