nourished girls project academy

Fall Session 2021 

October 2nd & November 6th
(Both Saturdays 9:30-10:30 PST)

Empowerment Workshops For Girls Ages 9 - 14

In The Nourished Girls Project Academy you’ll:

  • Develop leadership & entrepreneurial skills
  • Build confidence, self-esteem & joy
  • Be inspired, empowered & supported to dream big
  • Develop your dreams & passions while having so much fun
  • Engaging in art, activities & group projects together
  • Learn how to fuel & nourish your body, mind & dreams 
  • Connect with other girls around the world & collaborate on your special projects

What The Nourished Girls Project Academy is:


  • A 1-hour monthly facilitated virtual empowerment workshop where girls get a chance to connect with and collaborate with a community of girls around the world.
  • Each month has a theme and a guest speaker who is a young change-maker making a difference in the world.
  • Each girl is invited to pick a dream or social impact project they want to move forward during our 2 months together. (No project is too small or too big. Girls get to engage with the project element in a way that’s fun for them.)
  • Girls get to present their projects to the other members of the academy to get ideas, support, encouragement and potential involvement.
  • At the end of our 2 months together, we will send out the Inspired Girls Inspire Girls Newsletter to all program participant parents/guardians highlighting each girls’ special project so you too can get inspired and get involved if you wish

The Nourished Girls Project Academy is for girls who want to make a difference and empower others while also joining our positive mission driven movement where girls uplift themselves and others and change the world! 

PLUS there are monthly RAFFLES with a chance to win fun gifts and prizes!

What Girls (and their moms) Are Saying:

Fun! Engaging! Inspiring!

“I like connecting with girls my age from all over the world and learning about their lives and interests! TNGP Inspires me to meet more people.”
~ A.B age 11 Idaho

“As the mother of a tween I want her to feel empowered and strong in this world she lives in. Growing up is hard work and having a team of girls who will rally around each other and lift others up,  celebrate each other and grow with each other is imperative. TNGP has given my daughter a safe place to explore her passions without judgment.  She has a place to talk about things going on in her life and bonding with other girls from across the world who have similar experiences and interests. She has the opportunity through TNGP to be heard, listened to and celebrated.  What an incredible experience!”

~ J.H Mom California

“I love being a part of the nourished girls project. I started being a part of it during covid and it gave me something to look forward to. Girls from around the world share their stories and we get to talk about how things in our life are the same and different. I love the guest speakers and hearing what other girls have done. The nourished girls project has helped me to be more open about my passions and gives me the courage to stand out in a crowd. I have taken some of what we have learned and discussed it in class and used it in my life today. My mindset is stronger and I am proud of who I am! I am an empowered girl!” 

~ A.H age 12 California 

“TNGP Academy has brought me community during a time of disconnection. It has brought hope and resiliency to my daughter and to our lives when there’s been a lot of uncertainty. Pre-Covid TNGP brought creativity and continues to bring joy and light.”

~ K.B Mom Idaho

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Special Pricing: $67

Get inspired to dream big with a community of like-minded girls around the world who will encourage you to believe anything is possible & go for it!

$5 from every registration will be donated to a cause chosen by the girls collectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Raves From Girls/Moms:

"I am SO thrilled that my daughter has been involved with The Nourished Girls Project as I have seen her grow in her confidence, positive mindset and desire to step into her power and full authentic self since she's been involved with this amazing community and culture. Raising a young women in today's day and age can be intimidating, so to have my daughter be connected to an inspiring group of young women who are committed to raising each other up, helping each other truly shine, encouraging one another to dream big and go after those dreams has meant the world to me and supports my mission for my daughter as well.  Having this support for my daughter and for myself as a mom is incredibly uplifting and encouraging as we navigate the journey of being a woman in all stages of our lives. We are so thankful for The Nourished Girls project!”

 ~ L.N Mom Canada

"The Nourished Girls project means so much to me because it has shown me how to be empowered and truly be myself.  If I could use one word to explain the Nourished Girls would be INSPIRING! The project teaches girls to be ourselves and not have others tell us who we are or what we can do or cannot do."

~ M.N age 10 Canada

“During The Nourished Girls Project Academy and Camps, we have been empowered in different ways, and these include: learnt about dreaming big and being successful in life. We have met with friends all over the world online, this has enabled us to share ideas and network with different people and it has helped us have a positive mindset. With the innovation and creativity that we have learnt during these camps, our self-esteem and confidence has grown, this will help us make good decisions in future and we are looking forward to being part of the fall academy. Many thanks to Amy, for being so kind to us.”

3 Sisters ages 10,12, & 17 ( age 17 sister is a mentor) Uganda

“Let me take this opportunity to appreciate TGNP, for the knowledge and empowerment series they have given to me and my three daughters. Through these academy workshops and camps, I have learnt how to give my girls nutritious food, how to help them make informed decisions and I have also learnt how to love myself and love others. I learnt how to be an innovative mom, to diversify the sources of income and complement whatever is available, this leads to financial freedom and economic empowerment. As a mom, I have been empowered by TNGP! I am so happy to have my three girls be part of the Academy. Many thanks to you Amy for the knowledge and inspiration.” 

 S.N Mom Uganda

About Your Academy Facilitators

Amy Hudgens, Founder of The Nourished Girls Project. She is also a Wellness Champion, Board Certified Nutrition Consultant, Author, Speaker, Educator, Visionary and Mom. Over the past 10 years, Amy has shown hundreds of women how to make nourishment simple for their families (and themselves).

A true visionary, Amy is pioneering The Nourished Girls Project with a vision to inspire and empower pre-teen/teen girls to live their joy, be confident, kind-activists and know that anything is possible when you dream big. Her main muse and inspiration is her 12-year old daughter, Nylah.

Nylah is also her co-founder of the TNGP. In her infinite wisdom, Nylah believes that it only takes one person to change the world for the better. She is passionate about doing what she can to inspire other girls, like her, to live their joy! Nylah speaks fluent French, loves songwriting and is involved in local theater.

Join The Nourished Girls Project Academy today!


Special Pricing: $67

Get inspired to dream big with a community of like-minded girls around the world who will encourage you to believe anything is possible & go for it!

$5 from every registration will be donated to a cause chosen by the girls collectively.

(ParentGuardian email required to register)

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