Puberty & Perimenopause


Nourished Girls & Nourished Moms

Education, Empowerment & Support for Moms AND Pre-Teen/Teen Girls guiding them through puberty/perimenopause wellness with their "changing everything" in a way that is simple, fun, empowering and inspiring. 



Get Customized  Support from Wellness Champion & Board Certified Nutrition Consultant Amy Hudgens


Amy specializes in educating, empowering and supporting moms and their tween/teen daughter's with puberty wellness and their  "changing everything"


Amy supports moms with their "changing everything" too... 


Nourished Moms & Nourished Girls is such a Win Win!




 Our Pre-Teen/Teen Girls are Changing So Fast and Moms Globally Are Experiencing

  • Not being prepared for puberty and periods with their pre-teen/teen daughters and girls "changing everything"
  • Navigating how to support their pre-teen/teen daughter on how to build healthy habits, confidence and wellness
  • Stress around how to support their pre-teen/teen daughter with self - esteem, changing  moods, nutrition and entire girl wellness
  • A lack of connection and/or not knowing how to support their girls changes as it relates to puberty wellness
  • How to raise nourished girls when life is going so fast and changes are happening so quick
  • How to have connected conversations about puberty, periods and all their changes in a way that is easeful, empowering and fun
  • Moms navigating ther own "changing everything" and desiring support to feel good, live their joy, have more energy and be nourished in a simple way

With Individualized Support More Is Possible!


What would it be like...


To feel more prepared for your pre-teen/teen daughters "changing everything" in a fun, simple and nourishing way


Have your energy bank  ( and your pre-teen/teen daughters) be full! 

For Your Daughter ( and you mom) to Feel Empowered, Inspired, Energized and Nourished!

To infuse more FUN, laughter, and ease into your daily flow.

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"I started seeing Amy for my problems with digestion and intestinal health. I have had issues for years and was tired of not getting help from my doctors. She has been a tremendous help! It’s obvious that Amy is very passionate about her job and is truly determined to help people. With each visit, she nudges me towards optimal nutrition in a gentle way with an understanding that most of us have busy daily lives. She has helped me create goals that I am able to stick to without feeling overwhelmed. I absolutely love having Amy as a resource. She is so knowledgeable about nutrition and has changed my life! She is a gem!"

Diana - Mom & Nurse

Meet Amy:

Amy Hudgens, is a Wellness Champion, Board Certified Nutrition Consultant, Author, Innovator, Visionary, Mom of A Pre-teen daughter and Founder of The Nourished Girls Project. Amy is a change maker and is passionate about making a difference!

Amy has a  B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies from Sonoma State University. Amy also worked in women’s health for over a decade supporting and advocating for women’s and girls health care services as a reproductive health specialist. 

Amy educates and supports moms and their pre-teen/teen daughters all about  puberty wellness and their girls "changing everything" in a way that is fun, easeful and empowering.  She has also been supporting moms and families for over a decade with their overall wellness needs.


Amy is a lover of making people smile, being silly, fashion, spending time with her incredible family, baking, loves her red lipstick and wearing her big fun earrings!

To learn more about Private Coaching with Amy email [email protected]

to schedule your 30-minute Free Consultation.